Assisitive technology: Screen Enlargers/Screen Magnifiers

1) What is a Screen Enlarger?
a) A screen enlarger is a device that magnifies a computer screen so that it is easier to view for people with vision disabilities.
b) A screen enlarger can take a small screen (like a normal computer screen), and enlarge it to a bigger size.
c) Another option is to enlarge a certain area of a screen to magnify even more, for more detail.

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2) What is a screen enlarger used for?
a) Screen enlargers are used to help people with visual impairments, so that they can still be able to use computers, and other electronic devices.

3) Which type of impairment does this technology help?
a) Screen enlargers help visually impaired people
b) Screen enlargers are used by many people, sometimes they are used to show a large group of people information, without the crowd around the computer (like a projector on a white background screen)

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4) What is the cost of a screen enlarger? Is there a website to purchase one?
a) Screen enlargers can range anywhere from $40 to above $60
b) Projectors can cost up to more than $1,500 but they are mostly for giving presentations, and they are used at work, and in offices.
c) If you are visually impaired you will probably like to choose a screen enlarger for its mobility, simplicity, and cheapness, compares to projectors.

5) Three types of screen enlarger technologies
a) Normal screen enlargers are one type of these technologies
b) Projectors are also a form of screen enlarger technologies
c) Phone apps, or ipod apps have a magnifier to help see things bigger, up to 20X bigger! This makes them number three of these useful technologies.


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